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About us

Bull Business is a Belgium-based tech company that specializes in private and corporate IT-solutions. Together with our customers, we're eager to solve any problem that comes our way. We are specialized in Webdesign, Apps and much more.

The company was founded by two students with a profound passion for entrepreneurship and IT. We don't believe being young means we can't make top-notch products. Instead, we believe that our youthfulness enables us to look at the market with a refreshing glance and helps us finding the best solution to your problem.

Our mission

Bull Business strives to be an all-round strategic partner when it comes to ICT. Our main scope is to align ourselves with start-ups to help them with any ICT-related aspect and help them to flourish in their business. Since we are a start-up ourselves composed of young entrepreneurs and digital natives, we know the needs and the struggles start-ups nowadays face.

Driven from a profound passion for development, we want to build a bridge between you and your customers which enables you to offer the best customized services and focus on your core business.

Our vision

As an organisation, we wish to leave our mark on the ICT-sector and become a leading start-up accelerator within the global start-up ecosystem when it comes to ICT. We want to lift startups to a higher level by providing them with the necessary support and by sharing our passion for development with them.

Bull Business is a continuous evolving company, which means that we don’t necessarily have to stop by offering ‘static’ ICT-solutions. On the contrary, our services evolve in conjunction with our company as a whole. As true digital natives, we’ll think along how and where ICT best suits your organization.

We want to develop ourselves into an all-round ICT partner, providing an answer to any ICT-related topic. Going from the technical part to the HR-aspect in which your organization is looking for the right technical profiles that we seek out for you. We’ll get it done.

Fun Fact

The name 'Bull Business' is derived from the term 'bull market'. A bull market is a market which is characterized by optimism, confidence and expectations that strong results will follow. These are basic principles that we value a lot and which we wish to pursue as a company.

Our conditions

We are currently working on our conditions, they will show up here soon!


App Development

Looking for an app? Android, IOS?
Want to invent something (super) crazy?

Personalized programs

Interested in a program specialized for your company?


We take care of your website
designed for computer, tablet and mobile!

We're always looking for innovative and challenging projects to keep us sharp. Feel free to contact us and we'll invite you for a small, free of charge get-together to determine whether or not we are the right partner for you.

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Jari Oorts
Business Development
 +32 494 35 21 56

Hi! I am the founder of Bull Business. I am a passionate entrepreneur constantly on the lookout for new opportunities.


Matthias De Bie
IT Development
 +32 497 16 15 19

Hi! I am the co-founder of the company and in charge of the IT-magic.


Lucas Pauwels
IT Development
 +32 471 46 65 19

Hi! I am the newest recruit of the company. I am an entrepreneur with a big ambition for IT.


Ready to work out an awesome idea with us? Don't hesitate and contact us!


+32 494 35 21 56
(Jari Oorts)

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